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Baldo Construction was founded with an initial focus on construction and project management. Over time, our portfolio has diversified to include the design and construction of villas, urban development projects, commercial centers, hotels, conference centers, private spaces, and industrial complexes.

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Although most are focused on governmental and commercial customers, our projects have been instrumental in helping local economies to grow and improving the quality of life for communities and people around the world. We believe that the only limits of human skill are those that we place on ourselves, and our work bears testimony to this thought.

No matter how challenging a project or how remote its location is, our clients can rest assured that Baldo Construction will handle it competently. A winning combination of knowledge, skill, experience, and customer commitment is what puts us leagues ahead of the competition.

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While construction constitutes the core business of Baldo Construction, the organization has invested in different sectors including the marble and natural stones domain. Baldo deals in all aspects of marble and natural stone for internal and external flooring and cladding. Our principal areas of expertise include design consultancy, supply, and installation. Baldo also features a host of exclusive materials. We have bolstered our capabilities in the region by entering into a coordinated set of agreements with leading marble companies worldwide.

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Baldo design department is achieving its goal of excellence while satisfying the needs of clients and devising solutions appropriate to their needs. We also offer a complete range of services for designing interior and exterior marble environments, helping clients realize their marble dreams within their stipulated budgets. The design department supplies the project with comprehensive support concerning design development, shop drawing production, quantity take-offs, etc. It also offers complete design proposals and even solutions to incomplete designs, e.g. the choice of materials and color schemes or the fixing of overlooked details.

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Baldo is part of an extensive worldwide network able to supply our procurement department with the needed resources, from the most fitting sources and for all requirements of a project. Such complete support is vital to any project, from the sourcing stage through the placing of orders to the follow-up on the building site.

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Baldo comprises a highly professional installation team managed under Italian supervision. The team is fittingly equipped to offer high-quality installations for any kind of marble, internal or external, in any design and size as required by the client. Installation method statements, quality control plans, safety plans, technical calculations, etc. are constantly up-to-date and their dispatch directly to the project sites assures the proper sharing of engineering feedback. The Baldo team ensures quality control and close follow-ups in the delivery schedule.