Interior Design


When one interior finishes contractor does all the finishing works, there is a great advantage: perfect coordination. The in-house policy on cooperation ensures that all procedures are properly coordinated while one central information matrix groups and screens all relevant data. Arising interdisciplinary problems related to activities from different fields are efficiently handled by our coached team. Such coordination capabilities enable the Baldo Construction procurement team to work with adequately detailed breakdowns of the needed elements; this, in return, ensures effective separate sourcing of each item and results in extremely competitive prices for the best products. Lastly, the concept allows harmonic work sequences and appropriate scheduling for the follow-up on the building site.

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The company has an extensive number of projects to its credit, including the development of large housings, and the refurbishment of luxury interiors. At Baldo, it is standard practice to apply engineering techniques of rigorous value to every project, with the result of deriving optimal options from a thorough analysis of all aspects of design and construction. This maximizes the performance and value of the project to the client's definitive advantage.

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Our Monaco-based engineering department assists the client by putting team-oriented, responsive, innovative, and skilled engineers and architects at the service of the project. Their invaluable experience with installation methods, quality control plans, safety plans, technical calculations et,c. is constantly up-to-date and their dispatch directly to the project sites assures the proper sharing of engineering feedback.

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The design department supplies the project with comprehensive support concerning design development, shop drawing production, quantity take-offs, etc. It also offers complete design proposals and even solutions to incomplete designs, e.g. the choice of materials and color schemes or the fixing of overlooked details.

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  • Carpet: tiles, machine woven, hand tufted
  • Vinyl floor covering
  • Raised flooring
  • Wooden parquet
  • Marble flooring
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  • Marble dadding: glued and mechanically fixed
  • Wood panelling
  • Streched and glued fabric
  • Glued vinyl
  • Ceramic tiling
  • Special decorative painting and normal painting
  • Gold leafing
  • Carved gypsum patters
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  • Reinforced gypsum ceilings (cornices, domes, moldings...)
  • Gypsum boarded ceilings
  • Wooden ceilings
  • Fabric ceilings & stretched PVC ceilings
  • Ajami painted ceilings (hand painted damascene style)
  • Aluminum ceilings & acoustical celings
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  • Loose furniture and built in elements
  • Glazing: glided, etched, sandblasted
  • Doors: special, flutch wood and steel doors
  • Motorized shades
  • Chandeliers
  • Curtains, upholstery and trimming
  • Washroom accessories
  • Demountable and foldable partitions
  • Metal works: ornamental works (steel, also stainless, bronze, brass), handrails
  • Hardware (iron)
  • Aluminum works