Nestled atop the picturesque hills of the Principality, you’ll find the Jardin Exotique – a charming residential enclave that promises an exceptional quality of life. This hidden gem extends across the border, seamlessly merging the illustrious districts of Monte-Carlo and Cap d’Ail in the western reaches of Monaco. It’s no wonder that this locale has become the coveted address for discerning families seeking spacious apartments amidst tranquil surroundings, bringing a fresh perspective to this lesser-known district within the heart of the Principality.

The Garden and it’s History

Jardin Exotique stands as a historical district of the Principality, its roots reaching back in time long before the first Grimaldi Princes of Genoa in Italy graced these shores. Within the heart of this captivating area, lie the earliest vestiges of life within the Principality, a testament to its enduring legacy. The Botanical Garden, nestled within these ancient hills, conceals a cave that holds the imprints of prehistoric inhabitants. Wandering along the winding paths that weave through the garden’s profusion of plant species, you have the unique opportunity to explore this remarkable cave, descending almost a hundred meters in altitude from high above to near sea level.

Augustin Gastaud, a visionary of the 19th century, left an indelible mark when he first curated his collection of succulent plants within the garden’s embrace. Over the years, the Jardin Exotique has evolved into the magnificent green sanctuary we cherish today, treating visitors to breathtaking vistas extending from the Italian coastline to the Esterel mountains. Young adventurers, in particular, will be spellbound by the exhilarating journey deep into the cave, which traditionally culminates with a visit to the Monaco Museum of Anthropology, offering a captivating window into our human heritage.

The Neighborhood

Due to it’s elevated terrain, this district has long been considered the outskirts of Monaco, yet its elevated vantage point grants it unparalleled views of the iconic Rocher and the glistening sea. Each of the distinct zones within this locale harnesses its unique advantages, creating a rich tapestry of living experiences.

First, let’s explore the Belgique Sector. This charming district, centered around the elegant Boulevard de Belgique, offers an inviting ambiance. Situated above the bustling Condamine district, it enjoys swift and convenient access to the enchanting Port Hercule. On the Italian side, an elevator seamlessly transports residents to the train station, the Quai John Kennedy, and the prestigious Yacht Club of Monaco, just a stone’s throw away. Meanwhile, public lifts efficiently connect residents to the vibrant Place d’Armes and the bustling Fontvieille district. The Boulevard de Belgique maintains its tranquil charm and remains a highly desirable area within the Principality. The majority of residences here are contemporary, with construction spanning from the 1960s to the present day. Notable properties include the Beverly Palace, Herakleia, Pavillion Diana, and Oiseau Bleu. At the Boulevard de Belgique’s terminus stands the Monaco Hospital, Centre Hospitalier Princesse Grace, currently undergoing expansion to serve the community even better.

Next, we venture into the Moneghetti Sector, an intermediate district of the Jardin Exotique. A delightful square often hosts a local market, infusing the Moneghetti district with character. This area boasts a mix of older, more traditional buildings housing local shops, such as bakeries, banks, and grocery stores. A charming theater adds to the district’s cultural appeal. The architectural style here harks back to Monegasque houses of the early 20th century, with exquisite Bourgeois facades evoking a sense of nostalgia.

Lastly, let’s explore the Jardin and Avenue Hector Otto sector. This elevated precinct has witnessed the creation of splendid contemporary residences, such as the Simona, Monte-Carlo View, Garden House, and Ligures. Remarkably, Ligures is the only residence in Monaco to offer its residents a private tennis court. This segment of the district, perched high above, takes advantage of underdeveloped spaces, yielding buildings that house spacious family apartments. In addition, the splendid Parc Princesse Antoinette lies just a few steps away. Nestled between Boulevard du Jardin Exotique and Boulevard de Belgique, this exceptional landscaped garden is a haven for families with young children. The meticulously landscaped grounds are shaded by towering trees and feature children’s playgrounds, a small pet garden, and even a mini-golf course. The Monaco Town Hall extends the privilege of hosting family events within this idyllic setting, adding to the district’s family-friendly appeal.

Real Estate in Jardin Exotique

This is photo of L'Exotique Residence in Monaco. You see the residence, gardens, and surrounding street

The Jardin Exotique district, known for its generous living spaces, has increasingly become the favored choice of families. Young couples find themselves captivated by the availability of apartments in new residences, boasting larger floor plans, panoramic vistas, private gardens, and convenient proximity to schools. This district, slightly removed from the bustling Carré d’Or, offers a range of services within the apartments that prove to be more enticing, and the pricing is notably more appealing compared to the city center.

In recent times, this district has witnessed the emergence of ultra-luxurious residences, such as the prestigious L’Exotique Residence, presenting brand-new apartments of impeccable quality that grant unparalleled views of the mesmerizing Mediterranean.

This district also boasts some of the Principality’s iconic villas, each with its unique allure. Among these, the Villa Troglodyte stands as a recent addition, masterfully integrated into the rocky terrain, showcasing the innovative architectural prowess of the area. Additionally, there are timeless gems like the Villa d’Ispahan, an older yet exceedingly charming residence that graces this exclusive residential enclave in Monaco, adding a touch of grandeur to the neighborhood’s character.

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