A photo of Richard Lee Canali. You see Richard in a suit with an Hermes Tie and Rolex. In the Background you see a shelf with a model Riva Yacht.

Richard Lee — Agent at Baldo Realty Group Monaco

Richard Lee, a Taiwanese real estate expert, is a member of the Baldo Realty Group, renowned for his specialization in assisting ultra-high-net-worth Asian clients. With extensive experience in Monaco and native Mandarin, Richard has mastered the art of facilitating seamless relocations for affluent Asian individuals seeking a luxurious and financially advantageous lifestyle in the principality. 

Monaco’s allure, characterized by its financial stability and favorable tax environment, aligns perfectly with the needs of Asia’s elite. In his interview with Résidences Immobilier he stated “The Principality is fast becoming one of the only sanctuaries for Asia’s affluent “non-doms” seeking solace from financial restrictions imposed in their home countries and regions like the UK.” 

Richard Lee 是 Baldo Realty Group 公司的台意血統的房地产专家,以擅长为超高净值的亚洲客户提供协助而闻名。 凭借在摩纳哥的丰富经验,理查德-李已经磨练出一门艺术,可以为在公国寻求奢华和经济优势生活方式的亚洲富豪提供順利無憂的全方位安家服务。

摩纳哥以其稳定的金融环境和优惠的税收环境为特点,完全符合亚洲精英的需求。 他在接受Résidences Immobilier采访时说:”公国正迅速成为亚洲富豪’非本国人’寻求摆脱本国和英国等地区金融限制的少数避难所之一。

An article for Baldo Realty Group and Richard Lee Canali for Residences Immobilier in June 2024. In this photo you see the left page of an apartment in Le Montaigne Residence in Monaco. and the quote "home is more than a place, its a feeling and a lifestyle" on the right page you see a photo of Le Calypso Residence in Monaco, a photo of Richard Canali, and the article in French and English. The title is "MONACO: THE NEW HOTSPOT FOR THE UK’S ASIAN "NON-DOMS"

Baldo Realty Group and Richard Lee for Résidences Immobilier

Asia holds 24% of global private wealth, with nearly one-third invested in real estate worldwide. As Asian ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWI) accumulate wealth, their interest in Monaco’s luxury properties grows. Monaco remains a top destination for wealth preservation, attracting Asia’s ultra-wealthy who seek secure investments. In 2024, the wealth of UHNWIs in Asia is expected to rise significantly, with a substantial portion directed towards residential investments. According to the latest reports, 56% of wealthy Chinese individuals are considering or have already started emigrating due to environmental and business challenges in China, making Monaco an attractive option. With 28% of their wealth invested in real estate, compared to Europe’s 8%, Asian investors are reshaping the luxury real estate market.

Richard’s unique cultural background and fluency in Chinese enable him to provide personalized and insightful guidance to his clients, ensuring every aspect of their transition is handled with the utmost care and discretion. His expertise is complemented by Baldo Realty Group’s 20 years of experience in the high-end property market of Monaco. The agency boasts a prestigious portfolio that includes exclusive waterfront villas, stunning penthouses, and luxurious apartments, each property epitomizing elegance and opulence. Expert real estate professionals in Monaco are essential for navigating this competitive market, ensuring clients find the finest properties and receive comprehensive asset management, legal, and accounting advice from the best partners.

Baldo Realty Group is celebrated for its excellence in navigating the intricate landscape of Monaco’s real estate market, offering tailored solutions that cater to the unique preferences and requirements of their esteemed clientele. With Richard Lee Canali apart of the team, the group continues to solidify its reputation as the premier choice for ultra-high-net-worth individuals from Asia seeking to establish a new home in Monaco.

亚洲拥有全球私人财富的 24%,其中近三分之一投资于全球房地产。 随着亚洲高净值人士财富的积累,他们对摩纳哥豪宅的兴趣也与日俱增。 摩纳哥仍然是财富保值的首选目的地,吸引着寻求安全投资的亚洲超级富豪。 到 2024 年,亚洲高净值人士的财富预计将大幅增长,其中一部分将用于住宅投资。 根据最新报告,由于中国面临的环境和贸易挑战,56%的中国富豪正在考虑或已经开始移民,这使得摩纳哥成为一个极具吸引力的选择。 亚洲投资者将28%的财富投资于房地产,而欧洲只有8%,他们正在重新定义豪华房地产市场。 摩纳哥经验丰富的房地产专业人士有助于驾驭这个竞争激烈的市场,确保客户找到最好的房产,并获得全面的财富管理、法律和会计建议。

理查德独特的文化背景和精通的中文使他能够为客户提供个性化和有见地的建议,确保客户过渡时期的方方面面都得到最细致和谨慎的处理。 巴尔多房地产集团(Baldo Real Estate Group)在摩纳哥高端房地产市场拥有 20 年的丰富经验,这与他的专业知识相辅相成。 该公司拥有著名的投资组合,其中包括独一无二的海滨别墅、令人叹为观止的顶层公寓和豪华公寓,每一处都体现了优雅和奢华。

Baldo Realty Group 以其在摩纳哥复杂的房地产市场中的卓越表现而闻名,为客户提供量身定制的解决方案,以满足其尊贵客户的独特喜好和需求。 随着理查德-李-卡纳利(Richard Lee Canali)的加入,该集团将继续巩固其作为亚洲超高净值人士在摩纳哥安家首选的声誉。