Villa de Rome, a prestigious apartment building located at 11 Boulevard de Suisse, graces the skyline of Monaco with its captivating presence. Perched on a prominent hill, it offers a commanding view of the picturesque Port Hercule and the Palace of Monaco. This Belle Époque style residence, completed in the 1990s, features a select number of spacious apartments, ranging from 4 rooms to duplexes with private roof gardens, ensuring an exclusive living experience. Situated in one of Monaco’s most sought-after areas, this residence is in close proximity to the center of the Principality and boasts panoramic vistas of the vibrant harbor, all while providing a haven of tranquility and seclusion. The allure of Villa de Rome is further heightened by its incredible views of the Mediterranean Sea, the historic old town, and even a seasonal glimpse of the thrilling Formula 1 circuit, making it a true masterpiece of Monaco’s real estate landscape.

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