Is it possible to design the ultimate residence? can a unique work be built that is neither an abstract concept nor a futuristic project, but an entirely concrete manifestation?
You are holding our answer in your hands, an answer based on two philosophies.

The first is to design the complete ultimate, combining only the finest for those who demand and appreciate it. For such connoisseurs, residences in the city must stand out from all other luxury living spaces and be shielded from prying eyes yet located in a cultural center. the architecture, too, must be new and extraordinary, glamorous yet in harmony with the captivating landscape surrounding it.

These high standards also apply to the exclusivity of each space and each detail. but the ultimate requires even more; it demands that rare personal touch that gives each guest an experience that is both indivisible and varied, united and infinite. at the ultimate residence, everything is designed by and for you. When the door closes, you should feel completely at home, surrounded by everything of your choice in a spectacular setting. but more than that, you should feel delighted in living in an extraordinary place.

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