A new chapter is unfolding at Mareterra as the construction of Neuehouse promises to transform the area. This project aims to completely enclose the location in greenery, seamlessly integrating it with Mareterra while concealing the existing infrastructure. This change marks the end of Ni Box, a leisure center for young adults, and the beginning of Neuehouse, which will take on a new purpose, offering co-working spaces, cultural activities, and more. Renowned architect Renzo Piano has played a role in the design, envisioning a structure that uses substantial greenery to connect with Mareterra, making it a compelling project.

The Neuehouse development will add beautiful greenery and modern design to the Mareterra neighborhood

Monaco’s architect, Emmanuel Deverini, is overseeing the development, which has received unanimous approval from the municipal council. The plan involves demolishing Ni Box, potentially relocating its bowling alley, and completing the state-owned Neuehouse building by May 2024. The facility is set to become a hub for various activities, fostering networking, cultural experiences, and enhancing the convivial atmosphere.

After 10 years, the Ni Box building will be demolished for the Neuehouse construction

The Neuehouse project is not just about infrastructure but also aesthetics, striving for harmony with Mareterra. Large trees will be incorporated into the building’s design, forming a new facade and ensuring a seamless connection between Neuehouse and Mareterra. This development is expected to play a pivotal role in boosting the appeal of the neighborhood and the Principality, creating a space that facilitates collaboration, cultural enrichment, and community engagement. The eagerly anticipated transformation is set to unfold in 2024.