Matteo Baldo: The story of a successful young real estate developer in the Principality of Monaco, in times of crisis

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The Principality of Monaco has always been synonymous with luxury, prestige and opportunity. But in times of crisis, when the challenge seems to be even more daunting, extraordinary stories emerge such as that of Matteo Baldo, a successful young real estate developer who achieved multi-million results before the age of 40.

Matteo’s story is an inspiration to many, an example of perseverance and resilience. Starting from a small town in Veneto with big dreams, he made Monaco his new home and the place where he built a real estate empire.

The road to success is not an easy one. One of the first obstacles Matteo faced was language, but through tenacity, study, and a desire to achieve his goals, he overcame every difficulty. As a car salesman in Monaco, he leveraged his contacts with wealthy clients to initiate las u a first real estate transaction.

His growth has been steady, and today, sitting in his prestigious office in the heart of Monte-Carlo’s Carré d’Or, Matteo successfully manages his Baldo Realty Group. The real estate agency is renowned for its expertise in the Monegasque market of its kind, where property values are steadily rising thanks to the tax breaks, strategic location, and security it offers.

Matteo’s dedication goes beyond real estate: he is also Honorary Consul in the Principality of Monaco, helping to promote and develop business relations with Antigua and Barbuda.

His versatility and commitment are key elements in his path to success.

According to Matteo, the secret to achieving great results lies in three basic elements: having a big dream, building a motivated team, and not giving up in the face of the first difficulties. His motto “per aspera ad astra” perfectly sums up his bold and determined approach.

Today, the young real estate developer and his team range from buying and selling to renovating properties, with offices not only in Monaco but also in France and Dubai. Matteo Baldo, with his success story, proves that through determination and passion, it is possible to realize one’s dreams, even in times of economic crisis.