Acquiring a driving license in Monaco is an important step in establishing yourself in the Principality. A Monaco driving license offers numerous benefits, including the legal authority to drive within the Principality, streamlining mobility for residents and nationals. It simplifies administrative processes, enhances local recognition, and facilitates seamless integration into the driving framework. The standardized format ensures clarity and potential recognition in other jurisdictions, making it a practical and essential document for efficient transportation in Monaco’s cosmopolitan environment.

Embarking on the journey of exchanging a foreign driving license for a Monegasque license is a nuanced process with specific guidelines and requirements. Whether you are a Monegasque national or a resident, understanding the intricacies of this transition is vital to ensure a seamless exchange. This article delves into the step-by-step procedures, eligibility criteria, and necessary documents, shedding light on the process involved in obtaining a Monegasque driving license. From residency requirements to driving skills tests, we explore the comprehensive roadmap for individuals navigating this exchange, providing valuable insights to ease the transition into the principality’s driving landscape.


A foreign driving license recognized by the Principality of Monaco can be exchanged by residents who are officially recognized and spend 185 days or more per calendar year in Monaco. To initiate the exchange process, residents must submit a request to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office.

Official resident status is granted on the 186th day following the individual’s arrival in Monaco. Failing to make the exchange request within one year of obtaining official resident status will result in the foreign permit becoming invalid. Consequently, the holder loses all rights to drive a vehicle in Monaco.

For residents who miss the one-year deadline, there’s an alternative to retaking all theoretical and practical driving tests. Instead, they can engage in a driving school to arrange a driving skills test for the relevant categories. This test, conducted by a Driving Licence and Road Safety Inspector, evaluates the individual’s driving ability, behavior, and knowledge of driving rules.

Mandatory prerequisites for this alternative route include prior registration with a driving school in Monaco and a minimum of 3 hours of driving lessons.

In cases where a foreign driving license is not recognized by Monaco, individuals must register with a driving school to undergo all required driving tests.

Creating the request

In order to submit a request for a driving license, you must fill out these government forms. You can acquire the forms by PDF,  or you can use the special online service from the Monaco government.

Required Documents:

The application for a driving license exchange in Monaco requires the submission of specific documents. The following documents must accompany the request:

For Monegasque Nationals:

A Valid Monaco national identity card or a valid national passport with proof of address (gas or electricity bill from the SMEG, rental agreement) dated within the last 3 months.

For Residents:

A Valid residence permit

For All Applicants:

  • Original valid foreign driving license.
  • Points statement or integral information from the issuing country, confirming that the right to drive has not been suspended or withdrawn, dated within the last 3 months. The information should include surname, first name, date of birth, and driving license number.


  •  Certificate from the issuing country, dated within the last 3 months, confirming that the right to drive has not been suspended or withdrawn. The information should include surname, first name, date of birth, and driving license number.
  • Recent colored ID photo, dated within the last 6 months, on a light background, frontal view, bareheaded, sized 35×45 (not scanned).
  • For individuals over 70 or entitled to drive certain categories of heavy vehicles, a medical certificate issued within the past 3 months by a doctor in Monaco authorized for such examinations. The certificate must include a photo, over which the doctor’s signature is written.

Important Notes:

  • Any administrative procedure carried out by a third party requires a mandate signed by the principal and supporting documents proving their identities. The representative can submit and track the progress of the principal’s application but cannot sign documents on behalf of the principal.
  • All documents must be in French. If written in a foreign language, they should be accompanied by a translation into French by a sworn translator at the Monaco Court of Appeal or a French Court of Appeal.
  • Translations can be done in the country of issuance, but they must be legalized or apostilled.
  • If the country issuing the documents is a signatory to the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961, the apostille for the sworn translation can be requested directly from the Court of Appeal where the translator is registered.
  • If the issuing country is not a signatory to the Hague Convention, diplomatic or consular legalization of the translation will be required.

Submitting the Application:

Once you’ve met the driving license requirements, collected the necessary documents and filled out the necessary governmental forms. You can now apply for your license here.

Collecting Your License

The issuance of the Monegasque driving license will occur during a scheduled appointment. As part of the exchange process, you must surrender your original foreign driving license and the original medical certificate if applicable. In cases where applications are submitted in paper form, payment will be requested upon collection.