1. Tax Haven: one of the main reasons why a lot of wealthy people decide to move to Monaco is to reduce the amount of income tax they must pay. Monaco residents are not subject to tax on their worldwide income.

2. Safety: the Principality is one of the safest places on the earth to live, with a very low crime rate and a very high quota of policemen to residents

3. Luxury Real Estate:  although only the size of New York’s Central Park, Monaco is home to some of the most luxurious real estate in the world, with its Odeon Tower just being named by the New York Post as the hottest place to live.

4. Beauty: Monaco sits on the Mediterranean coast, sandwiched between the French and Italian Riviera. As a destination itself it is pretty breath-taking, whilst within a short drive are some of the most picturesque and stylish resorts in Europe, such as Cannes, Saint Tropez, and Portofino.

5. Climate: the weather in Monaco is another excellent reason for considering buying Monaco real estate. The winters are mild and sunny, whilst the summers are glorious and hot. But the heat is rarely a problem as most luxury apartments in Monaco are either a stone’s throw from the Mediterranean Sea or have their swimming pool for those all-important cooldowns.

6. Business: living in Monaco means that you are perfectly situated to travel to most European cities for business. The Principality is just 30 minutes drive from Nice Cote d’Azur Airport, France’s second-largest airport and a hub for international flights.

7. Education: families looking for Monaco real estate have several excellent schools at their fingers tips, both French-speaking and English. There is also a very highly respected university.

8. Health: likewise the health care in Monaco is second to none, with several excellent private and public hospitals and clinics.

9. Sport: for sports fans the opportunities in Monaco are huge. The principality has its own successful Ligue 1 football team, it is home to the headquarters of the International Association of Athletics Federation and plays host to arguably the most famous Formula 1 race in the world.

10. Culture: boasting its philharmonic orchestra, opera, and an award-winning cultural center, the Grimaldi Forum, those in search of some culture will not be disappointed.