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Richard Lee, Baldo Realty Group’s real estate expert on Asian ultra-high-net-worth clients confirms “The Principality is fast becoming one of the only sanctuaries for Asia’s affluent “non-doms” seeking solace from financial restrictions imposed in their home countries and regions like the UK.”

A photo of Richard Lee Canali. You see Richard in a suit with an Hermes Tie and Rolex. In the Background you see a shelf with a model Riva Yacht.

Richard Lee — Agent at Baldo Realty Group Monaco

In the ever-evolving global financial landscape, A notable development has unfolded in the United Kingdom. Changes in «non-domicile» tax laws on foreign income and capital gains have led many UHNW foreigners, who have contributed to Britain’s economy, to pack their bags and seek new havens for their wealth.

With its long-standing reputation for financial stability and favorable tax laws, Monaco has become more than a destination; it’s a strategic move. As a result, many new people are taking notice. Baldo Realty Group, one of Monaco’s elite real estate agencies, specializes in securing unlisted properties and is helping these new clients relocate and find the best properties in Monaco and the French Rivera that fits their lifestyle. The group’s portfolio is a testament to their mastery — waterfront villas that kiss the sea, penthouses that slice the skyline, and apartments that redefine luxury. Their multilingual team ensures a discretion and a seamless transition for their esteemed clientele. “Home is a feeling” and we will help you to find the house of your dreams.